Member Information

Chocolate Extravaganza : March 11th, 2017

Due Date for participation/sponsorship: January 16th, 2017

If you would like to join the committee please contact Kenna Bogue at kennabogue@marktwaindinette.com.


Basic Details


  • March 11th, 2017


  • 2015- 300 Passports Sold
  • 2016- 400 Passports Sold
  • Goal for 2017- 500 Passports


  • 50/50 Locals vs. Tourists
  • Predominantly women.
  • Chocolate lovers!

Passport Items

  • This is the reason for the Chocolate Extravaganza. Participants purchase their passport with the intent of using the tickets within. This is the best way to get Chocolate Extravaganza participants in your store. Passport port items must be $6.00 retail value. Passport tickets are reimbursed for $3.00.

Backup Items

  • This festival keeps growing! We have sold out every year and would love to keep growing this festival. However, in the past we have received complaints about businesses running out of items. To address this we are asking how many passport items you will have on hand and what your backup item will be if you run out. This will allow us to know how many items are available in comparison to how many tickets we are selling.


  • Last year there was some confusion with guests and merchants over whether the merchant’s profile or tickets in the back of the book would be accepted. Provided the cost isn’t too excessive, we are going to separate the tickets from the passport and attach them to the passport in an envelope.


  • We will distribute coupons on a separate sheet as we did last year. This is because the cost of the books greatly increase per page added and it makes them easier to remove.


  • The events will be listed in the Chocolate Passport. Please consider hosting an event in your store for Chocolate lovers. Some event event ideas would be: Chocolate and Wine Tasting, Cooking demonstrations, Painting Parties, Make and Take Classes, Live Music, Chocolate Spa Treatments, etc.


  • We are seeking sponsorship in the Chocolate Extravaganza Passport. Last year these sponsorships allowed us to increase the reimbursement on the passport tickets. If you would like to be listed as a sponsor, please contact Kenna at kennabogue@marktwaindinette.com.

New to 2016

Friday Night Mixer: To kick off the event we will be hosting a mixer event on Friday Night.

Saturday Night Gala: Clarke Cruikshank and Frank Elmore are helping plan a live entertainment show for the Saturday Night event.

Receipt Redemption: To encourage people to spend more money in your shop we are doing a receipt redemption similar to Great Girlfriend Getaway. We will be offering a raffle entry to win gift baskets. In order to be entered they must show a receipt from a downtown business to be entered.