Great Girlfriend Getaway 2018

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This form must be completed by February 19th, 2018 if you want to be included in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS! We need this information ASAP so we can design and print the pamphlet book and start promoting the event. Thank you!

GGG Business Participation Form
Business information
Please list the business name you would like listed on any GGG material.
Address *
Please list the business address you would like listed on any GGG materials.
Phone *
Please list the business number you would like listed on any GGG materials.
Opening Time Friday *
Opening Time Friday
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Closing Time Friday *
Closing Time Friday
Please consider staying open late so ladies can shop.
Opening Time Saturday *
Opening Time Saturday
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Closing Time Saturday
Please consider staying open late so ladies can shop.
Opening Time Sunday *
Opening Time Sunday
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Closing Time Sunday
Day Event(s)
Consider providing an event that pertains to your business. It is added income and gets people in your store. Think of an interesting and fun class that is instructed by you, an employee or friend, or a sampling event, live music, or any event that would be fun for ladies. All events will be listed online and in the booklet, but larger scale events (chosen by the committee) will be highlighted in a special section. We are planning to feature a certain number of events in the pamphlet and online to help the ladies plan their weekend. These will be chosen by the committee.
Start Time
Start Time
End Time
End Time
Start Time
Start Time
End Time
End Time
Consider having an evening event at your business. A class/seminar will give the ladies something fun to do during a slower time for your business. Live music/entertainment is always a favorite for bars & restaurants.
We will be doing a coupon page, separate from the pamphlet, just for ladies who purchase bags. It can be hard to come up with a coupon item but here are some suggestions: -Free gift with purchase -$x dollar off of $xx purchase. (Works better than % off even if it’s the same amount) -Buy one, get one free item -50% Off one specific item, etc. Make it enticing! All coupons are valid Friday thru Sunday!
Receipt Redemption Basket Donation
During the event we offer a raffle entry for our donation basket. In order to be entered in the drawing proof of $5 minimum purchase at a downtown business must be showed. Be prepared to give your customers receipts for purchases over $5. This year we're doing two baskets, one themed personal care/ beauty and the other home and kitchen/food, but any donations are welcome. Donation items may be dropped off at Java Jive.
Donation pick-up or drop off
Selfie Booth
We are creating memories for these girls! Plus photos from your business = free publicity! Consider creating an area with a backdrop, photo props, or a frame to stand in, somewhere in your shop!
Phamphlet Book
We will be selling ad space, consider advertising as a great way to promote your store/event. We will have enough printed for all participants and it will be free. This will replace the itinerary we have done previously.
Business Listing *
All HHMC members will be listed in the business listing. You can may choose to upgrade your listing for a small fee.
If you selected 'Listing with description' please add your business description below. Keep it short and sweet. No one wants to read a novel.
Pamphlet Book Ad
Consider buying an ad to further promote and highlight your business or event. Ads for members are available for 20% less than ads sold to other businesses outside of the HHMC.
Can you design your own ad?
¼ and ½ page ads need to be oriented in landscape and full page ads should be in portrait. All ads should be submitted as JPEGs. The required dimensions are as follows: 1.875" x 4.75" for 1/4 page, 3.75" x 4.75" for 1/2 page, and 7.5" x 4.75" for a full page.
Tell us what you would like to be included in your ad. We will email you later for any photo and/or logo you would like to include.
Are you able to volunteer?
If yes, please indicate when you would be able to help. We really need volunteers for the headquarters. If you have any family, friends, or employees, please ask them if you are unavailable.
GGG Themed Shirts are available at cost to HHMC members and staff! Please let us know if you or your staff would like a GGG T-Shirt. Small - XXXL. We only charge our cost which ranges $5-10 per shirt based on color and size. Shirts are available in black or pink. Please indicate quantity, color, and sizes.
Party Pass Cups
Bars, pubs, and beverage establishments only.
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