Party Pass Cups....the weekend long non-pub crawl alternative to the pub crawl!

The Party Pass Cups will be available for sale ahead of time online and at the GGG Headquarters that weekend. Cups purchased online will be picked up that weekend at the HQ.  The cups are a 12oz clear acrylic light up pilsner shaped glass, they will have the GGG logo printed on them. They have a decorative flute halfway up that creates a 6oz line for smaller drinks.

Each cup will come with a card listing the participating businesses and the drink specials or discounts offered.  This card is not a coupon to be cut out and turned in, just by having the cup your staff shall give them the discount or special price for specified drinks.

Cup holders can use the cups all weekend and go place to place choosing what to drink and where! You guys get to choose what your specials are, set your own price, sell your own drinks, and are able to offer different specials for different times if you want or multiple specials!

The discounts do not need to be huge, even if it's just 25 or 50 cents off of a drink, as long as the special seems catered to them and feels like they're getting a deal. I would suggest just putting special prices on special drinks, and not doing a traditional discount of $x off of ______.  For example, if you sell a Cosmopolitan for $5.50, maybe offer Cosmopolitans for $5.00. Try to cater your drink specials to the ladies, like a pink cocktail, a fun girlie brand of wine, or a special on Lime-a-Ritas or other wine cooler type of drinks! 

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