2019 Chocolate Extravaganza Overview


  • March 8th, 9th, & 10th 2019

    • Note: We have extended the number of days that Passport Tickets are available to be redeemed. The passport will indicate which days your business is able to accept Passport Tickets (for example: if you are closed on Sunday we will indicate that your are not accepting Passport Tickets that day). We will require that Passport Tickets be accept on Saturday as a majority of the visitors are here that day. The addition of multiple days will allow the festival to continue to grow as it will spread out the traffic of visitors in our shops and increase overnight stays.

  • Sign Up Deadline: January 31st, 2019.

Reminders of changes from 2018:

  • The price was increased from $20 to $25 per 5-ticket passport. This will continue.

  • Merchant’s reimbursement was increased from $3 to $4 per ticket. This will also continue.

Festival Growth by Years:

  • 2015- 300 Passports Sold

  • 2016- 400 Passports Sold

  • 2017- 500 Passports Sold

  • 2018- 830 Passports Sold

  • 2019 Goal - 1000 Passports


  • 50/50 Locals vs. Tourists

  • Predominantly women.

  • Chocolate lovers!

Passport Items

  • This is the reason for the Chocolate Extravaganza. Participants purchase their passport with the intent of using the tickets within. This is the best way to get Chocolate Extravaganza participants in your store. Passport items must be $6.00 retail value. Passport tickets are reimbursed for $4.00.

Backup Items

  • This festival keeps growing! We have sold out of passports every year and would love to keep growing this festival. However, in the past we have received complaints about businesses running out of items. To address this we are asking how many passport items you will have on hand and what your backup item will be if you run out. This will allow us to be able to address these complaints by knowing how many items are available in comparison to how many tickets we are selling.


  • Each passport contains 5 tickets. These tickets are redeemed for your passport item. The passport ticket reimbursement value to the merchant is $4.00. Your item’s retail value must be $6.00 including tax. Example tickets will be provided to the merchant prior to the event.


  • Will be included on a separate page with the book. Limit of one coupon per merchant.


  • Events will be listed in the Chocolate Passport. Please consider hosting an event in your store for Chocolate lovers. Some event ideas would be: Chocolate and Wine Tasting, Cooking demonstrations, Painting Parties, Make and Take Classes, Live Music, Chocolate Spa Treatments, etc.


  • We are seeking sponsorship in the Chocolate Extravaganza Passport. Sponsorships allow us to raise money for the Historic Hannibal Marketing Council to bring in entertainment for our festivals, plant flowers, buy decorations for downtown, and more. If you would like to be listed as a sponsor, please contact Kenna at info@historichannibalmo.com.

    • Sponsorship Ad Prices & Sizes:

      • Platinum: Full Page, premium placement: $200

      • Gold: Full Page Ad: $150

      • Silver: Half Page Ad: $100

      • Bronze: Quarter Page Ad: $50

Receipt Redemption:

  • To encourage people to spend more money in your shop we are doing a receipt redemption as we have done in years past. We will be offering a raffle entry to win gift baskets. In order to be entered they must show a receipt (minimum $5 purchase) from a downtown business to be entered. Please consider donating an item to our receipts redemption raffle! We had 750 receipts returned in 2017 and over 1000 returned in 2018. .

Chocolate Extravaganza Business Participation Form
Business Information
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Please list the business name you would like listed on any Chocolate Extravaganza materials.
Business Address *
Business Address
Please list the business address you would like listed on any Chocolate Extravaganza materials.
Phone *
Please list the business number you would like listed on any Chocolate Extravaganza materials.
Business Hours
We will accept Chocolate Extravaganza Passport Tickets on the following days: *
Passport Item
This is the primary purpose of Chocolate Extravaganza. Participants are here to buy the passports and use the tickets inside them. Each passport item must retail for at least $6.00. Each business will be reimbursed $4.00.
Must be at lease $6 retail value.
Note: In the past we have received some complaints of businesses running out of items early.
A backup option is required and will be listed in the passport.
Here you can list any events your business will hold during the event. Event information will be inside the event guide.
Start Time
Start Time
End Time
End Time
Additional event.
Start Time
Start Time
End Time
End Time
Coupons (limit one per business)
Here you can list the coupons you will offer during the event. Coupons are a great extra incentive for participants to come into your shop. Please list your coupon exactly as you would like it printed.
Receipt Redemption Basket Donation
During the event we will offer a raffle entry to win one of our donation baskets. In order to be entered in the drawing proof of purchase at a downtown business must be shown. Receipts purchases must be at least $5. Donation items may be either be dropped off at the Mark Twain Dinette or pick up can be scheduled.
Receipt Redemption Raffle Item: *
Chocolate Extravaganza Sponsorship
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Special rates are included for HHMC members! We will design your ad for you, or you may opt to design your own.