Great Girlfriend Getaway 2019

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  • April 26th, 27th, & 28th 2019

  • Sign up Deadline: March 1st, 2019

Changes to 2019:

  • We are changing the style of Receipt Redemption Raffle. We are switching to a Scavenger Hunt style reward. All participating shops will be listed in the guide with their coupon deals. There will also be clues that lead within participating shops. We did a trial run of this at Small Business Saturday and it led to big dollars spent by the participants. This year participants will get points for doing the following things:

    • Points per dollar spent in your shop.

    • Points per clue found downtown.

    • Points per Selfie Station found and pictures taken at.

    • Points per event attended.

    • Points for signing up for our email newsletter and checking in on social media.

The GGG Guide Book:

  • The GGG Guide book will be the ultimate guide to the festival! We will have a big push on the use of this guide during the festival. Our participants will be actively using this guide all weekend!

  • We will be selling ads to both HHMC members and other community businesses. Ads will be sold at a reduced rate to HHMC members. Look for information about your business listing and advertising opportunities in the Participation Form.

Friday Night Pub Crawl & Bus:

  • Date: April 26th from 8pm to close.

  • This year we are taking a step back from the Party Pass Cup, and resuming a more traditional pub crawl.

  • We will not being charging for tickets for drinks. We will publicize entertainment and ladies-only drink specials. We will instead be offering a Party Trolley that will travel from bar to bar and drop off passengers at their downtown hotels and B&B’s later in the evening.

  • The pub crawl theme will be a Decades. We are encouraging participants to dress in the style of their favorite decade.

  • We would encourage each venue to have entertainment from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s.


  • In the past coupons were only available in the tote. This year they will be available to all participants through the guide. This year we are asking for specific coupon types. We are asking for these specific types, because they have been most popular among our audience and will lead to them spending more money in your shop.

In-Store Events:

  • Help us create a fun-filled weekend for the ladies! The purpose of this event is to create activities and functions that keep the ladies in our stores all weekend long. Events can be as simple as samplings, demonstrations, or live music. If you really want to get creative, consider offering a class or tutorial. Your events can really get them in your door for the weekend.

Shopper’s Survival Tote:

  • We will be selling GGG Shopper's Survival Totes again this year for $25. They will be for sale ahead of time online and that weekend at the GGG Headquarters.


  • Will be available at cost to you and your staff. Please indicate whether or not you want them on the form. We will follow around for specific quantities and sizes around Mid March. We will be doing one color of shirt this year. They will be available for sale to the public online and a limited amount will be available at the HQ that weekend.

This form must be completed by March 1st, 2019 if you want to be included in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS! We need this information ASAP so we can design and print the pamphlet book and start promoting the event. Thank you!

GGG Business Participation Form
Business information
Please list the business name you would like listed on any GGG material.
Address *
Please list the business address you would like listed on any GGG materials.
Phone *
Please list the business number you would like listed on any GGG materials.
Opening Time Friday *
Opening Time Friday
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Closing Time Friday *
Closing Time Friday
Please consider staying open late so ladies can shop.
Opening Time Saturday *
Opening Time Saturday
Closing Time Saturday *
Closing Time Saturday
Please consider staying open late so ladies can shop.
Opening Time Sunday *
Opening Time Sunday
Closing Time Sunday *
Closing Time Sunday
Events (s)
Consider providing an event that pertains to your business. It is added income and gets people in your store. Think of an interesting and fun class that is instructed by you, an employee or friend, or a sampling event, live music, or any event that would be fun for ladies. All events will be listed online and in the booklet, but larger scale events (chosen by the committee) will be highlighted in a special section. We are planning to feature a certain number of events in the pamphlet and online to help the ladies plan their weekend. These will be chosen by the committee.
Start Time
Start Time
End Time
End Time
Event Two
Start Time
Start Time
End Time
End Time
Event Three
FREE Coupon Listing (now given to all ladies regardless of bag purchase)
These coupons will all be listed in the guide book and distributed to every Great Girlfriend Getaway participant. They will also be listed as part of the scavenger hunt and each customer will be encouraged to visit each of your shops.
Coupon Type *
We are asking that each business offer a coupon of the specific types below. We have found that these coupon types are most popular with our audience and will entice more ladies to spend more in your shops.
Friday Pub Crawl 4/26/18 at 8pm until closing
Will your business participate in the Pub Crawl? *
Scavenger Hunt Prize
We are changing things up for GGG with our receipt redemption. In order to encourage more spending and visits to all of our shops we are putting all the coupons in the GGG guide book. For every dollar spent in your store participants will get points. There will also be clues to be found in each of your stores. We will give a prize away to the winner with the most points and we need your help to give away a nice prize!
Donation pick-up or drop off
Selfie Booth
GGG Participants will get points for taking a Selfie at your Selfie Booth in the Scavenger Hunt. We are creating memories for these girls! Plus photos from your business = free publicity! Consider creating an area with a backdrop, photo props, or a frame to stand in, somewhere in your shop!
Phamphlet Book
We will be selling ad space, consider advertising as a great way to promote your store/event. We will have enough printed for all participants and it will be free. This will replace the itinerary we have done previously.
Pamphlet Book Ad *
Consider buying an ad to further promote and highlight your business or event. Ads for members are available for 20% less than ads sold to other businesses outside of the HHMC.
Would you like us to design your ad? *
¼ and ½ page ads need to be oriented in landscape and full page ads should be in portrait. All ads should be submitted as JPEGs. The required dimensions are as follows: 1.875" x 4.75" for 1/4 page, 3.75" x 4.75" for 1/2 page, and 7.5" x 4.75" for a full page.
Tell us what you would like to be included in your ad. We will email you later for any photo and/or logo you would like to include.
Are you able to volunteer? *
If yes, please indicate when you would be able to help. We really need volunteers for the headquarters. If you have any family, friends, or employees, please ask them if you are unavailable.
GGG T-Shirt Orders
Each year we offer GGG Shirts at our cost to print to business owners for their staff. Wearing the shirts lets participants know that you are part of making this weekend one to remember!
We will ask for specific amounts and sizes in Mid March.