Haunted Hannibal Festival

Main Street Trick or Treat

  • October 31st from 5 to 8pm

  • Businesses, trunks, and booths will line Main Street to pass out candy.

  • This event is meant to be a FREE kid friendly and good will event for our community.

  • We anticipate 2000-3000 kids and expect each booth to require 4,000-6,000 pieces of candy to have enough candy for the entire night (2-3 pieces per kid).

Living Dead Windows

  • October 26th from 5 to 8pm

  • Main Street Businesses will live in their windows as we do during Christmas Living Windows.

  • Think of this as an opportunity to bring past Living Windows scenes back to life, or more specifically death.

  • We encourage each business to be as creative as possible. Please remember that there are families present during Living Dead Windows and use your best judgement. It would not be beneficial to any downtown business to terrify children or make any potential customers uncomfortable.

Questions, comments, concerns, or ideas?? Please contact Kim or Jody Bogue at:

  • kimbogue@gmail.com

  • jodybogue@gmail.com

  • 314-718-4718

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10/26 - LIVING DEAD WINDOWS (5-8pm) & PARADES (6pm, lineup 5pm)
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