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Are you interested in passing out candy or organizing an activity for Main Street Trick or Treat? *
This event occurs on the evening of Halloween, Thursday, 10/31 from 5-8pm.
Are you interested in participating in the Halloween Flash Mob?
This will happen on the evening of Living Dead Window, Saturday 10/26.
Are you interested in volunteering to help with a Living DEAD Window?
This event occurs on the Saturday, 10/26 from 5-8pm. prior to Halloween.
Are you interested in putting a float or marching in the Jaycees Halloween parade?
This information will be passed along to the Jaycees' parade organizers. The parade is on 10/26 at 6pm.
Are you interested in volunteering for the Haunted Halloween committee?
This event coordinates downtown Halloween events including Living Dead Windows and Main Street Trick or Treat.