Dec. 15, 2015

 Historic Hannibal Marketing Council Meeting Minutes

Dec. 15, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Lewellen at 5:15PM.

Executive Board members present: Joe Anderson; Gloria Burns; Margaret Fessenden; Lisa Marks; Kenna Bogue; Kristine Russell; Dena Ellis; Paul Lewellen and Mike O’Cheltree.

An item was added to the agenda under Other Business – covering Material Distribution of minutes and other information from the previous meeting.

The minutes were approved with the change made in the Presidents name… from John to Paul (sorry Paul)

Treasurer’s Report: $15,579 in Checking Account; $5007 in Savings Account. Mike reported that the Pay Pal account for passports / t-shirts, etc. will be ready to be used soon. A discussion followed about how the checks are being handled for Twain on Main. Checks are mailed directly to Eric, he in turn deposits them to the HHMC account. Also, any funds that are coming in thru the square are deposited directly into the HHMC account. Another discussion on dues and how the follow up on payment of dues is done. At this point, Mike sends an invoice, and we allow membership to happen at any time of the year. We would like all dues to be paid prior to the annual meeting. This would allow members to be part of the Christmas lights, advertising, etc. Steps will be written, Gloria will serve on the Membership R&R committee along with Mary who has done a wonderful job of recruiting and retaining members. Paul will talk to Mary about the next steps for the Membership R&R committee. Questions about the expenses on the Profit and Loss report were discussed. The Beautification committee bought garland for $224 and Patriot Painting has charged $1362.50 which was paid in November for the work done on the lights. 1000 lights were replaced and /or hung. A great job done by Patriot, more work to be done in 2016. New snowmen were purchased. Mike reported that his reports are generated on the 30th of the month. We do not have a comparison report from last year to this year. Victorian Christmas budget has not been turned in. The Beautification committee is still working on their budget. On the P&L report, the dues are listed as general revenue.

Committee Reports:

HCVB: Megan Rapp commended HHMC on the fantastic Living Windows weekend and parade. The weather was wonderful which contributed to making all the events amazing! HCVB has received a matching grant. Their new website will be up and running by the end of the year which will include a calendar of events and over 158 pages to populate. Lodging was up for 2015 with tourists from 29 countries and a 134% increase on information requests. Megan asked that an email or text be made for any new events. A series of seminars for small businesses on social media will be happening sometime in the next several months.  Send topic requests to her. The HCVB will be providing the shuttle for BAM.

Membership R&R: Mary not in attendance. It was discussed during the Treasurer’s Report to appoint at least one person to this existing committee. Gloria volunteered. Mike will help also.

Events: Lisa Marks reported that the Living Windows was wonderful! A lot of people on the streets. The committee did a fantastic job. Lisa thanked all members who helped- the event was successful because of the organization and follow through of the committee members. Each committee has a sub chair.

The other events are moving forward and committees are working hard. Eric has a domain name in his name mainly for the vendors. This site is not in the theme of the HHMC websites / artwork, etc. expired. New domain names were purchased including for $280. The committee would like to move the vendors to Eric’s site with the linked together.Similar issues with GGG. HHMC bought other domain names including

Victorian Christmas is going well. Dollars are good, lots of people on the streets. Horse and buggy rides are breaking even at this point. $120 up, the $400 carriage will be here on Saturday.

Event Retreat: Jan. 20 will be an Events committee retreat at the Dubach Inn. The members will begin to hash out and review the events for the new year.

Beautification: Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Dec. 16th. A meeting is in the planning stage with the city on Jan. 11th. The city has been very open and positive up to this point. A budget for city planting, flowers, etc. will be proposed.

Chocolate Extravaganza: Dena reported that the committee was late getting going – but plans are going strong. A new event is in the planning stages, the Chocolate Experience where businesses and or individuals will showcase their chocolate specialities at the Mark Twain Brewery. 2 passports or $10 will be the admission. 2 cash prizes will be awarded. This will be a fundraiser for HHMC. Also, a booklet with paid advertising will be sold. The payback amount will be $3 instead of $2.50, which will make the retail value of the gift at $6. The website for the event is

BAM: This will be a huge event. Bill Martin is spearheading it. He has met with the police dept., city hall, HCVB, etc. The big concern is volunteers – a lot of help will be needed to make this event successful. MO Life a co-owner of the event and is offering a special rate on advertising. A center pull out spread will be featured about BAM. Golden Eagle has paid for 2 pages, as well as HCVB. 20,000 copies will be printed. Joe reported that the same rate will be extended throughout the year. We need to make Hannibal a destination place. A big push is being made for editorial copy. Joe will find out deadlines and let everyone know.

The Alleyways: Joe asked the city to make the alleyways one way alleys all the time. The city is in favor of this change. All the merchants will receive a hand delivered letter. Ken asked about how the transportation companies will handle the one way traffic. Joe assured Ken that allowances will be made.

Other Business: Material Distribution:

There was a discussion regarding getting the minutes, budgets, agenda, etc. to members in a timely manner. The minutes need to be sent to the board members within 1st week. Non-board members need to have the agenda and minutes as well. Paul is to be reminded about sending an invite. Mike motioned that (Charter) Gloria be made a regular member. Kristine seconded. All in favor.

Lisa and the events committee asked about getting permanent storage for props, banners, plywood, etc. Greg owns several storage areas, calls will be made about rates, sizes, etc.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Burns, Secretary, HHMC