Feb. 16, 2016 Minutes

 Historic Hannibal Marketing Council

Feb. 16, 2016 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by president, Paul Lewellen at 5:15pm.

Members present: Debbie Hurt, Kristine Russell, Michael Gaines, Gail Bryant, Katy Welch, Linda Studer, Kristy Trevathan, Gloria Burns, Joe Anderson and Paul Lewellen.

The agenda was approved as presented.

Treasurers Report: Michael O’Cheltree, Treasurer was not in attendance, no official treasurers report was given. Joe Anderson explained the addition of a clerical position will be made in the budget, especially now for the GGG weekend.

Committee Reports

HCVB: Gail thanked all who were able to attend the tourism meeting. She will provide a copy of the presentation to HHMC, city council, etc. Joe will work with the council to move this forward. It is nice to see the revitalization of Broadway and ties into what has happened on Main Street /downtown. The pros and cons of the Open Late promotion were discussed. Many see the value, but limited manpower and business is a big obstacle. Gail will be attending the Working Women Survival conference and HHMC will be included in this next year.

Membership R&R: April Azotea has joined. HNB and Hannibal Arts Council renewed their membership.

Events: Lisa reported that the Chocolate Extravaganza passports are completed and look great. The square is ready to go for passports to be purchased online. Our festivals are growing. Facebook boosts resulted in 20,000 shares. The advertising dollars sold paid for the passport book. Good job! Passports will be available for sale only at the Museum the day of the Extravaganza.

GGG: The website is up and running. The square can be used for the tote bag which is full of good, quality merchandise. A pub crawl is being planned as well as Steppin’ Back playing at Finn’s. Friday night there is live music at several locations. Sunday brunch will be held at the Mark Twain Dinette. List of all the activities is on facebook. All merchants are requested to get their forms turned in as soon as possible.

Twain on Main: Eric has done a great job with the vendors again this year. The website is being worked on. This website is more for the vendors but a consumer site is being developed as well. Rack cards are almost done. 4 different cards with the 4 events rotated will be distributed. Eric has 188 spaces availableof which many are already booked.

Lisa gave an update on the Farm to Table on Main Street event- we will support it, but not spear head the event. The plan is to block off Main St., the Farmers Market group is considering taking it on, but moving it to Central Park.

Lisa is concerned that the public does not have a grasp of what HHMC is all about. Branding is important to the group and the merchants. Because of her affiliation with the Hannibal Magazine she feels a story in the magazine would be beneficial. Also, a website for HHMC would be an added bonus.

Beautification: The committee has not met since the meeting with the city.

B.A.M.: Paul and Joe have not heard much recently about the current state of planning. A discussion followed about getting vendors on Main St. and if this would fall under Bill Martin’s responsibility. Paul will contact Bill and possibly Eric could help Bill with the food and other vendors. The route is still not 100% finalized. Lisa suggested that we reach out to Bill and find out what he needs from us.

MO LIFE: Joe sent out advertising packages to the merchants. HCVB is supporting the BAM as well as HHMC and Cool Bykes. We have a commitment of 2 pages. 2 pages of editorial will also be included.

Pat Yapp mentioned she felt that some of the small shops were not fairly represented in the HCVB Visitors Guide. Gail spoke on behalf of HCVB and explained the protocol and how all the businesses were on the new website. 150,000 copies are printed. Huge cost to print and distribute. An idea of selling advertising was suggested on the HCVB site to supplement cost.

Other Business: Loafers will have a show May 7th.

HHMC will host quarterly meeting next month (March). Time and date to be announced. Refreshments will be served. Paul motioned that $1000 yearly be approved for special meetings. Joe seconded and all approved.

No other business to discuss. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Gloria Burns, Secretary