January 26, 2016

 Historic Hannibal Marketing Council Minutes

January 26, 2016 


President Paul Lewellen called the meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Members present: Paul Lewellen, Joe Anderson, Gloria Burns, Margaret Fessenden, Kristine Russell, Lisa Marks, Katy Welch, Kenna Bogue.

The approval of the agenda was approved with the addition of speaking about a quarterly meeting. Mary J motioned the addition to be added, Katy W seconded the motion. Motion carried

The minutes from the December meeting were approved. Margaret made the motion to approve, Joe seconded.

Treasurers’ Report: HHMC has a balance of $1,465 in the checking account.

Committee Reports:

HVCB – Gail not present, not report given

Membership R & R: Reviewed the membership committee: Mary Short, Mike O’Cheltree and Gloria Burns. A current membership list will be emailed to members.

Events Committee: Lisa reported that the Friday retreat was very productive. A review of Living Windows – many people commented on the Live Nativity. We need to promote this more next year or consider moving it so more people can see it. Kristine reported that the committee will start working on next Christmas soon and hope to have all the planning done well in advance and would like it wrapped up by Memorial Day.

Chocolate Extravaganza: Committee reported that the Chocolate Experience will not be happening now. Kenna is working on the passport book. $1000 has come in from selling advertising in the book.

Great Girlfriend Getaway: Participation forms are done. Katy will email them out to all the merchants. She has a form for non-members as well. The committee is on track – 400  ShoppersSurvival Tote are ordered. There will be a pub crawl, $1.50 will be reimbursed to the bars. Steppin’ Back will be performing at Finn’s on Saturday evening. Other businesses are encouraged to hold events. Mark Twain Dinette is holding a brunch on Sunday. An Arty Party is another idea.

Twain on Main: Not discussed as much due to time factor. A meeting will be scheduled. Lisa commented that volunteer retention is very important. Always a lot of work, not enough bodies to get it done.

At this point, due to the size of the events and their growth, Lisa requested a paid position to help out with the emailing, phone calls, paperwork, etc. Things are falling through the cracks and this could be prevented with someone who could stay on top of the clerical /and other important details. Lisa proposed $500 /month for 5 months to help with the 4 festivals. Joe recommended that this salary be built into the budges as “clerical” fees. Joe stated that we do not have a membership budget or an operating budget. It is suggested that Twain on Main amend their budget, along with GGG and Christmas.

Lisa reported that she has experienced electronic issues and has lost 3 months of data. It’s not a good idea for 1 person to have all data on their hard drive. Joe suggested icloud and proposed a backup that is accessible to more than 1 person. The fee should be included in the administrative budget. All members are on board to continue in their roles for another year.

Beautification committee: the committee met with city council members, the police chief, Mary Lynn from Parks and Rec Dept. Everyone was very positive with all things discussed. There are 10 items on the list. One item that is moving forward is buying stations for dog waste that would have bags, etc. for easy disposal of waste. The police chief encouraged the committee that the public needs to be better educated in regard to this concern and that the merchants should police ourselves. Brian Chaplin is instrumental in getting things accomplished but might require a nudge occasionally. He is open to changes and making improvements, but changes are occurring in the department and he has asked us to be patient.

BAM: This will be a big weekend for Hannibal and for HHMC. Everything is moving forward. The route has been finalized. We should expect 1500-2000 people. The event is sponsored by MO Life and the magazine has given a great advertising rate to advertise the event. 40,000 pieces of a separate pull out will beprinted. The price for a full page will be $1900 if we group together. Joe thinks we should make a big splash of 4 to 6 pages and push Hannibal as a “destination” place. Joe has volunteered to co-ordinate the advertising and divide the pages up. Ads will be available in ½, 1/3 and 1/6 sizes. The magazine also has an online presence. Joe asked $200 from HHMC for a banner across the top and bottom to promote Hannibal and the yearly events. The information will be out this week because the deadline is mid-Feb. The magazine will be on the street the first of May. Joe officially made the motion that HHMC pay $200 to subsidize advertising in MO Life. Katy seconded. Motion carried. 

Other Business: The Perry Sesquicentennial is in August. They have asked us if they could use our electrical boards. In return we will ask if we can use their antique carousel for Twain on Main and Steampunk.

The Quarterly meeting will be held in March. Same time. Members are asked to bring a guest. Refreshments will be served. It was also discussed to host a chamber business after hours, possibly in April to share and discuss BAM.

Lisa stated that she is disappointed in the HCVB Visitors Guide. There are no antique stores in the guide due to the cost of the ad. If you do not purchase an ad, you are not included on the HCVB website. This does not fairly represent Hannibal. Joe recommended a special committee be formed to look into this and determine how HHMC can work more effectively with HCVB. Tamara, Joe and Lisa all agreed to be on this committee.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted

Gloria Burns, Secretary, HHMC