March 22, 2016


Historic Hannibal Marketing Council

Monthly Minutes – March 22, 2016


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Lewellen at 5:15pm. The agenda for tonight’s meeting was approved with motions made by Lisa Marks and Joe Anderson. The minutes from the February meeting were approved with motions made by Linda Studer and Lisa Marks. No treasurer’s report was given.

Committee Reports

HCVB: Gail reported it is spring break, mobile usage is up and the HCVB will be sending out the forms for the coupon booklet soon.

Membership R&R: Pat requested that more direction be given to our new members – maybe an orientation booklet that contains information on the mission of HHMC, meeting times, our events /fundraisers, deadlines for these events, etc .  It was suggested that we should spell out the benefits of becoming a member. Mike O’Cheltree has a copy of a booklet that was put together several years ago. It was agreed that the membership committee would be increased in size. Pat Yapp and Kenna Bogue have agreed to help on this committee. HHMC stickers on merchants doors was discussed also – these were given out to new members in the past. The committee will meet before the next meeting.

Events: Lisa reported that the Twain on Main website is up and running. Kenna reported that GGG has already brought in over $3900 in registrations, t-shirts and bags. $1000 has been received through the mail. One concern is that a woman mailed in a form for 6 entries, but with no confirmation process in place for entries received through the mail, it is difficult to track. Next year all purchases will be made online. The Chocolate Extravaganza went well, $1937 is the net amount from the event. However, several ads were redeemed instead of the passports, so this might bring the net amount down to $1900. After a short discussion most of the merchants are ok with not getting reimbursed for the passport amount. Facebook boosts for GGG are going well. Katy Welch has met with Gail and advertising will be purchased on Pandora and a banner ad in Missouri Life. Lisa complimented HCVB – her haunted tours have been full already this early in the season. Twain on Main: evening entertainment and schedule will be included in marketing Twain on Main. Signs will be printed with schedules. The festival hours are extended for Sunday. Lisa thinks we should partner up with the Parks and Rec department for Bat Fest 2017. We all need to be proactive in recruiting new members for volunteer help. Gail reported that HCVB is working on “Haunts and Treats” for October.  Paul will talk to Andy and Mary Lynn about partnering with HHMC and doing something “batty”.

Beautification: Dena reported that flower pots have been purchased, these pots are the same size as the ones we already have. They were purchased at a good price of $22 each at a savings of $8 each. There will be four pots per side of the street per block. After some discussion, it was decided to include purchasing pots for Broadway, up to Central Park. A motion was made by Pat to purchase 24 additional pots for Broadway up to Central Park, Joe seconded, motion carried. We will need dirt, gravel and flowers still and a tentative planting date is set for April 9th. Volunteers will be needed. Mike O’Cheltree will talk to HNB about a donation for the plants, they have done this in the past. The committee will also ask permission to use the HNB parking lot for the gravel. Katy suggested we hire someone to plant the pots. Suggestions of service/ youth groups were tossed around including Junior Achievement; KIDS in Motion; and the Key Club. Kenna asked if we could handle the flowers like we do the Christmas lights. A discussion followed about keeping the pots watered. It was decided to ask for Block Captains to make sure the pots are watered regularly.

B.A.M. Kenna and Paul attended the meeting. Several city departments attended also including Parks and Rec; Martin Meyer and some other bike enthusiasts. BAM is asking HHMC to provide fencing, port-a-potties, outside food vendors and welcome signs. Everything is being held down by the brewery, Hill Street to North Street and Golden Eagle will have beer at the Y Men’s Pavilion. The bikers are going to ride their bikes to the end of Broadway and dip their bike wheels in the Mississippi River, then head back to the festival area and party. If open consumption is approved, we’ll have to fence off the entire historic district. The parking lot next to the antique store will be blocked off for emergency parking and for the bicycles. Open consumption is a concern. It was suggested that barricades be used instead of fencing. Eric cannot help get vendors. Much discussion pertaining to closing Main Street and the impact on the merchants as well as bringing in outside vendors. Lisa motioned that we form a sub-committee to work with Bill. Another suggestion was to offer “sidewalk sales” to encourage the bicyclists to come down Main St. Kenna and Kristine have volunteered to help out.

Relay for Life: Joe has agreed to be in touch with Katherine from the Cancer Society.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Burns, Secretary