October 2015 Minutes

 Historic Hannibal Marketing Council

October 2015 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Lewellen at 5:15pm. The Sept. 2015 minutes were approved. The meeting agenda was approved with no changes. Members present were: Margaret Fessenden; Debbie Hurt; Lou Barta; Wesley Yargus; Lisa Marks; Gail Bryant; Katy Welch; Martha Adrian; Kenna Bogue; Dena Ellis; Mike O’Cheltree; Pat Yapp; Kristy Trevathon; Joe Noonan; Linda Studer; Paul Lewellen; Gloria Burns and Joe Anderson. No guests were present.

Treasurer’s Report:Mike O’Cheltree reported that our total assets are $25,822 with $19,166 in the checking account and $5007 in the savings account. Income reported was dues. A reminder notice was emailed out and a few still need to be delivered by mail or in person. A current list of members and email addresses will be sent to members.

Committee Reports

Visitors Center: Gail, Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau reported that the 39th annual Folklife Festival was awesome. Hotels were booked and not just for the weekend, but the week as well; streets were packed; vendors were busy and at the end of the festival, Sunday afternoon, the streets and sidewalks were cleaned! Pat Yapp suggested that the vendors could stay open a little longer on Saturday. We’ll have one more riverboat in town, Thur., Oct. 22nd, the last one of the season. The launches are set for 2016 with the first one on July 17. Gail reported that we will see a new riverboat next summer. 2016 will have more advertisers in the Visitors Guide. A soft launch of the new website will be announced soon. A social media workshop will be available to the merchants in conjunction with the new website. Watch for more details. The BAM is moving forward; further documentation is needed which is slowing things down. There are 4 other events happening the same weekend of the BAM, which should keep the bike riders and others in town. A 2016 calendar of events will be compiled and will be sent to Gloria who will then email to all current HHMC members. Kristy mentioned that 2016 will be the 40th year for the FolklifeFestival and she asked Gail if this could be included in publications calendars; event lists, etc. A lot of exciting things are happening – including the MO Preservation and the visits from the Japanese and Italian Writers.

Membership R & R: Mary not in attendance. No report was given.

Riverfront Committee: No formal report, Paul mentioned that a first glance of the new plans are amazing. It will be done in 3 phases and is an affordable plan of action.

Events Steering Committee: Lisa reported on the progress of the Victorian Christmas – an email went out to merchants with information regarding what is being planned. Flyers have been delivered. Events in the works are the Jaycee parade, Living Windows, lots of music from area churches; schools; organizations as well as having costumed people strolling the streets. Lisa encouraged all businesses to get their forms filled out as quickly as possible in order for more details to be on the website. Events will happen every weekend before Christmas starting with Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28th, which is also Mark Twain’s 180th birthday celebration. A new event will be a “Babes in Toyland” parade on Dec. 12 at 3pm featuring decorated dolls and doll buggy’s; wagons, etc. The rack cards are done and a 2nd printing of the posters is in the works.  A lengthy discussion about promoting events from businesses/ organizations who are not HHMC members was held – should HHMC promote these events. A motion was made by Lisa to include The Crossing and Richard Gary in the promotional material to help promote downtown, but no print or TV advertising for this year only. Kristy seconded, motion carried. It will be considered to include vendors in on Victorian Christmas in 2016. Mike reminded members that HHMC began to bring visitors downtown for the holidays. It was suggested that the Christmas lights be moved to the Beautification committee. Dena will address this during her committee report.

Downtown Beautification: Dena reported that the committee has met and outlined several areas of problems. Ideas will be presented to the city, but first to the councilmen. Lisa motioned that the Christmas lights be moved to this committee, Mike seconded, all approved. Mike reported that the new budget for the lights has been approved already. Dena also discussed that the summer planting should be under this committee as well. The new budget will include flowers and planting.

By-Laws: Joe Anderson spoke on behalf of the by-laws committee stating that a little over 2 years ago conflicts arose and the meetings were not working and it was decided that changes needed to be made – Research was done by looking at similar organizations and reviewing their by-laws and practices, language, headings, etc. The main change to the HHMC by-laws is to change it to a representative organization by electing a board of directors. Tonight will be a discussion about the suggested changes and a vote for the change will be made at the annual meeting. Several members thanked the committee for their hard work. Discussion ensued about the wording of holding 4 meetings during the year. One of the items of concern is themembers awareness of what is going on; communication and enthusiasm. Gail interjected that attendance is usually better when meetings are held quarterly and that many people will make more of an effort to attend. Katy responded that the wording of the number of meetings can be revised. Another topic discussed was the new governing board of directors – several members fear that all the decisions will be made by the board and not by the members and also the board’s only meeting 4 times a year. Lisa suggested that alcohol be served… “Probably attendance would be better!!” After discussion regarding the associate member and voting and membership rights it was decided to delete line 2 under Article 3 which is “the right to stand for election to the board of directors”. Linda would like to continue to see a monthly meeting and the coming together of the business owners. The by-laws will be changed to at “least” 4 times /year and the months will be eliminated. Kenna brought up the matter of the board’s meeting quarterly. Lou asked about how the committees get formed. Joe explained that this is the executive board’s responsibility. A special meeting could be called for any events or items that require a speedy decision. Joe reminded members again the purpose of the quarterly meetings is to be informative. Kenna asked if the board meetings should coincide the four regular membership meetings. Lisa reminded members that we can always make amendments, call a special meeting and not to get too hung up on the language. Open board meetings discussion Pat shared that most non-profit boards have open board meetings. Joe shared that the executive board is mainly there to approve or disapproves the spending and the work is moved to the committee level.

New Business: Annual Meeting, November 3rd, place to be determined – an email will be sent. Food will be served. Primary business will be the by-laws. A nominating committee was formed, with Kenna the chair and Katy and Pat also members. A slate of nominees will be presented of 12 directors – including the 4 members of the executive board.