Sept. 19, 2016 Minutes

 Historic Hannibal Marketing Council

Sept. 19, 2016 Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 5:15pm by President Paul Lewellen. Members present: Dena; Lisa; Kristine; Gloria; Paul; Joe; Linda; Kenna; Debbie; Ken; Katy.

The agenda was approved.

The August minutes were approved with a motion to approve made by Lisa, Kenna seconded.

Treasurer’s report: Total assets $32,433. There is an outstanding bill for the port-a-potty rentals of $800. HHMC has collected $450. HHMC will pay the amount that was agreed upon. The MO Life magazine still has to be paid of $4000, one business has not paid there share as of yet. Paul and Joe both agreed that the entire amount needs to be paid as soon as possible. Steampunk cleared approx.. $1400 after all expenses were paid. Paid stated we sold right around $1000 in product.

HCVB- Gail not in attendance, no report given.

Membership R&R: Possible new members: Karlocks and the Haunted House on Hill St.; The Crux and Peddlr’s. The committee has not met for awhile but will meet before the annual meeting.

Beautification: Dena presented the future kiosk plans. She met with Jeff and he discussed his ideas. It will have 10 panels, with lights, posters will be made by Iva’s Printing. Joe recommended a policy be written to prevent any problems. This will be a partnership with Jeff and HDC.  Dena suggested that mums be replaced in the flower pots and bulbs around trees. New pots might be considered for next year.

Events: A lengthy discussion was held about the hiring of anassistant to help with some of the clerical work for HHMC.  Katy stated that HHMC’s events have grown so much, all the business owners are busy with their own businesses and this presents a time management and work flow issue. We are struggling to get enough volunteer support for events. Burn out is a real concern especially for the event committee members. The event committee has thought long and hard and has assembled a list of responsibilities and a job description. It was stated that this could very well be a 9 month position because we aren’t that heavy with summer events. Lisa restated that this would not be an executive position, but a paid position and this person would keep a data list up to date, send emails /correspondence, etc and possibly even take over the minutes at the meetings. Once again, the importance of a strategic planning session was discussed to determine where we are headed over the next 3-5 years.  And after seeing the expansion of Twain on Main, is it possible to pursue corporate sponsors – all this ties into getting some help! Joe stated that we are not set up as an employer so then the hired person would be working as a contractor. Joe will get with the committee to help rewrite the position as a contract and include it in the budget with the cost of the position.

All budgets will be due by the end of September. The annual meeting will be Oct. 18th at Ole Planters, cash bar and light refreshments will be served. We will vote on the change of the fiscal year.

New business: Octoberfest will be Oct. 1st on Bird St. HHMC will man the beer wagon, but no volunteers will be needed. We need a $25 license, tips will go to Paul’s employee who is working the wagon.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Gloria Burns,

Secretary, HHMC