September 15, 2015 minutes


September 15, 2015 MINUTES

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Lewellen at 5:15 P.M. on September 15th, 2015.

Members present: Mary Jae; Debbie Hurt; Joe Anderson; Gloria Burns; Lisa Willitt; Lowell Short; Kristine Russell; Lisa and Ken Marks; Paul Lewellen; Gail Bryant; Katy Welch; Terry and Bill Martin; Dena Ellis; Mike O’Cheltree; Kenna Bogue; Lou Barta; pat Yapp

The minutes from the August 18th meeting were approved as submitted.

The agenda was approved as is with no additions or changes to be made.

Guests were introduced: Lisa Willet representing Crescent Jewelers and Lou Barta from Aunt Polly’s Treasures.

The treasurer, Mike O’Cheltree reported that we have $18,724 in the checking account and $5007 in the savings account.

Paul reported that the beer sales during the Rendezvous were slow, but because of the $500 that was donated to HHMC by Linda, owner of the Cave. We were only charged $156 for the beer. Despite the slow beer sales, there were a lot of people at the event considering it was the first rendezvous.

Committee Reports

Visitors Center: Gail thanked Lisa and Ken for their hard work in putting together Steampunk – hotels were sold out, and many visitors in town for the event. Riverboat dockings will be on Sept. 17th as well as the 26, 27th and 28th. Lou reported his sales during Labor Day were better than over Memorial Day weekend. Lisa reported that Steampunk will remain on Labor Day weekend. A survey has been sent to ticket buyers and vendors.

By-Laws: Joe reported that the committee is still fine tuning the by-laws but assured the members that they will be emailed before the next meeting in preparation of the vote.

Membership: Mary announced that Aunt Polly’s Treasures has joined and that The Esthetic Studio will be joining in the future.

Events Steering Committee: Eric’s contract for Twain on Main has been reviewed. A small increase (2%) will be awarded if booth sales go over $20,000. The meeting went well. The Victorian Christmas committee will begin to meet regularly and events will be scheduled every weekend. Events will include the parade and living windows. Members are asked to think of choirs, bell ringers dancers, etc. that would be available to perform. It was discussed that the committee will be a little more selective for vendors at Twain on Main…instead of a “flea market” feel, it will be more of a “street fair” feel. Booth space will be available to be purchased by the store owners and expand their store into the street but it will not be allowed to leave that space empty.

The Just Boys weekend is Sept. 18 and 19.

HHMC Riverfront Committee: No news from the city, the focus has narrowed down and the latest news is that the marina will be filled in. The plan is to do extensive work from Glascock Landing all the way to Nipper Park, including making a walkway the entire length.

Downtown Beautification Committee: Dena reported that three Looking Good awards have been presented. One of the items being addressed currently is removing the tree growing out of Mark Twain’s eye (rock display along the bridge). A more thorough list is being put together. Flowers for 2016 has been discussed yet, but hiring a landscape /lawn and garden company is going to be considered. Quotes will be obtained and will be presented by the committee as a budget request.

A reminder that the budgets will be needed for the October executive committee.

Under New Business: Mike feels that Christmas lights need to be replaced and is asking for volunteers. Gary Dittmer has provided the crane in the past. A lift will need to be rented and Mike will take care of it. The Mark Twain Brewery needs lights and the corner square needs some repair work. The lights in the trees cannot remain all year. The lights have been removed and will have to have new ones purchased and rehung.

Bill Martin spoke regarding a new event for June of 2016 – BAM (Bikes across Missouri) and he is asking for our support /help. This will bring in approx.. 2000 bikers at the end of the bike ride which will go across Missouri on Hwy. 36. This is a self-contained event including showers and a stage. It was discussed that South Main would be an ideal place for campers. HCVB is in support also. Lisa motioned that HHMC be a supporter of BAM and asked if Bill would represent HHMC. Mike seconded. All approved.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Burns, Secetary