September Sidewalk Sale


September 29th & 30th from 10a-5p


According to Google, a sidewalk sale is an occasion on which a retailer sells reduced-price goods on the sidewalk outside their premises. Sidewalk Sales in other communities are notorious for steep discounts. This is a great opportunity to get rid of summer clearance on the sidewalk (and other merchandise you've been holding onto for longer than you'd like...) while promoting your new fall inventory in store!

Some discount suggestions:

  • Everything $10 & Under
  • 3 for $20.
  • Buy One Get One Free.
  • Buy Two Get One Free.
  • 50% Off or More.

Guidelines for a friendly and successful sidewalk sale experience:

  • Do not allow your merchandise to take up more than 1/3 of the sidewalk space in front of your store. People still need to be able to walk up and down the sidewalk and neighbor want their sidewalk space unencumbered.
  • Have clear and visible signage. If everything is '$10 & Under' make sure your sign can be read for 20 feet away as downtown guests are strolling.
  • Incentivize return purchases. The guests are downtown because they like a good bargain or deal! Offer them a smaller discount on a future weekend like $5 store cash on a $50 purchase.
  • Advertise your sidewalk sale. Display a sign in your store that you will be participating in the sidewalk sale. Post on Facebook what items will be discount. Email your customers about your upcoming sale.
  • Let us know what you will be discounting with the form below! We will HELP YOU PROMOTE. But we need to know what you are discounting and what your discount will be. Help us, help you. 

Tips for Restaurants & Bars: Consider offering a free drink with an entree purchase for Sidewalk Sale shoppers that show a receipt from a fellow downtown merchant. We will promote restaurants offering Sidewalk Sale promos.

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